Investor Relations


Senior Management

Simon RubinDirector $ Chief Executive Officer
Simon has over 10 years of experience in blockchain related businesses and technologies and blockchain projects in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.
Yuri AbramovDirector
Yuri is a member of the board of directors of other publicly traded companies. His business background includes acting as a project leader for Soliton-SAW Ltd., for 14 years where he worked in consulting and implementation, algorithms and software development and modeling and designing. Yuri has at least multiple inventions that are registered as patents including “Signal Processing Method Utilizing the SAW Velocity Dispersion Effect for Weighting by Shaping the Electrode Fingers of a SAW Interdigital Transducer and Apparatus, signal processing utilizing SAW wave guides, image processing methods for digital quantization” and others. Yuri has contributed to nearly 40 scientific publications with various articles on analysis, methods and applications of SAW filters design, algorithms for video encoding and others. Yuri currently works in the field of Ultra-Wide Band Communication applied to coax-cable defects localization.