Bullet is a Blockchain technology company incorporated in the state of Nevada. Bullet verifies and secures the Bitcoin Blockchain ledger through its industrial scale and rapidly expanding Bitcoin operations. 

Bullet has secured capacity for 15,000 petahash and 500 megawatts with an average server power efficiency of 33 joules per terahash and an average electricity effIciency of 3 cents per kilowatt-hour. Bullet will increase its Bitcoin operations through efficiency, stability, transparency, and scalability. 

Bullet is currently operating 3,500 application-specific integrated circuit servers with 315 petahash and 12 megawatts. Bullet is on track to achieve its total capacity by the next Bitcoin halving in 2024.  

Bullet is committed to the future of Blockchain technologies. Bullet will prosper as they verify and secure the Bitcoin Blockchain ledger for many decades and bull runs to come.



Imran has been a leading industry advocate for Bitcoin and Blockchain ledger technologies. Imran has worked with ASIC chip manufactures Canaan, Bitmain, Bitfury and has visited several Bitcoin operations in Georgia, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada and USA. Imran ensures he is connected to all the key industry participants across the Bitcoin and Blockchain network through multiple relations, one of them with Binance the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by market cap and volume traded. Imran has also developed strong relationships with semiconductor companies TSMC, Samsung, Global Foundries and Governments in discussing Bitcoin and Blockchain projects in North America, Europe and the Middle East. 

Bullet Blockchain Provides Update On Merger With Britannia Mining

Today, Britannia provided an update, reiterating its commitment to protecting its existing shareholders and that the Britannia-Bullet Merger aims to clean up Britannia’s capitalization table by using a multifaceted approach to the reverse split. […] 

Bullet Blockchain And Britannia Mining Complete Merger

The Britannia-Bullet Merger Has Been Completed with Only a Few Filings and Submissions Remaining Before Name Change and Reverse Split are Initiated. The Company has merged with Bullet to take advantage of the rapid growth experienced within the crypto mining industry. […] 

Bullet Blockchain Completes Merger To Enter The U.S. Public Markets

Bullet Blockchain LTD, a turnkey crypto mining operation focused on efficiency, stability, transparency and scalability, announced today, that the Company has completed its reverse merger to enter the U.S. public marketplace. […] 

Bullet Blockchain Finalizing Negotiations In Merger With U.S. Public Company

After Taking Possession of the First 3,500 ASIC Miners and a Capacity of 200 Megawatts for 6,000 Petahash Over the Next 12 Months, Bullet Fast-Tracks Reverse Merger. Bullet Blockchain LTD announced today, that as of July 29th, 2021, the Company has fast-tracked its reverse merger negotiations […] 

Bullet Blockchain Takes Possession Of Miners, Increases Capacity And Remains On Target 

Bullet Secured 3,500 ASIC Miners in July As Anticipated; exceeding expectations with an increased capacity totaling 200 Megawatts for 6,000 Petahash over the next 12 Months. Bullet Blockchain LTD (“Bullet” or the “Company”),announced today, that as of July 29th, 2021, the Company took possession of 3,500 ASIC […] 

Bullet Blockchain Leans Towards Entering The U.S. Markets With Merger

Possible Reverse Merger With U.S. Public Company May Assist Bullet Blockchain in Accelerating Anticipated 100 Megawatt Rollout Schedule. Bullet Blockchain LTD (“Bullet” or the “Company”), a turnkey crypto mining operation focused on stability, transparency and scalability, announced today, that for  […]

Bullet Blockchain Enters Crypto Market With Turnkey Mining Operations

With A Capex of $25M for Mining Infrastructure and Hardware, Bullet Plots Course to 2,625 Petahash Consuming 100 Megawatts Within 12 Months. Bullet Blockchain LTD (“Bullet” or the “Company”), a turnkey crypto mining operation focused on stability, transparency and scalability, announced today, that the […]

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